Trinity Walk for Justice: 8 for a Mate 2020

​​With due regard to the health and safety of the Trinity and broader community, the College has decided to cancel this year's Trinity Walk for Justice: 8 for a Mate 2020. COVID-19 concerns and related​​ circumstances make it impossible for the College to hold the event.​  ​

Trinity Walk for Justice: 8 for a Mate will return in 2021!  This is an important day in our College calendar where students from years 7 to 12 descend on the beaches of the Gold Coast to walk 8km for a mate in the name of social justice.  Their 'Mate' being those individuals who need support due to poverty, disability, displacement from their homeland, or similar situations which see the dignity of the individual diminished. 

Show your support by donating to the 'Trinity Walk for Justice: 8 for Mate' 8km beach walk today.  Each year level will be focused on fundraising for one particular charity or associated appeal, supporting our mates both locally and internationally. 

It is our hope that the 'Trinity Walk for Justice: 8 for a Mate 2020' will raise $20,000.00 to be distributed among the following charities: Caritas Australia, Australian Marist Solidarity,​ Emmanual City Mission, St Vincent De Paul, The MacKillop​ ​Fund and Catholic Mission.  To learn more about these charities please see below. 

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Please be sure to advise the donor to use the students full First and Last name.

$10 Donation - Trinity Walk for Justice

$20 Donation - Trinity Walk for Justice

$30 Donation - Trinity Walk for Justice

$40 Donation - Trinity Walk for Justice

$50 Donation - Trinity Walk for Justice​

Please contact the College if you would like to donate a larger amount.  ​

​​​Year 7

Catholic Mission

The Nazareth home for God’s children is one of the many critical initiatives established by the Catholic Church in Ghana, Africa, supported by Catholic Mission, to save the lives of the countries most vulnerable young people. There are many stories, like the following, which provides an example as to the work undertaken by Catholic Mission. In accordance with local customs in parts of northern Ghana, some people in Sarah's community believed the little girl to be "spirit child". Under these customs, any child born with a disability or whose mother dies during their birth may be considered a bad woman, and their lives placed at risk. Many in Sarah's community, including her own family, became furious at her inability or unwillingness to speak and defend herself against the allegations, casting her out and threatening to kill her. Thankfully, Sister Stan from The Nazareth Home for God’s children and the local Church was made aware of the imminent danger Sarah was in and was able to intervene to save Sarah from the most terrible fate and give her a new chance at life. The Nazareth Home for God’s children is a haven where children like Sarah are given shelter, nutritious meals, health-care and education as well as unconditional love. Your donation to Catholic Mission will help missionaries like Sister Stan rescue and care for children like Sarah in Ghana and around the world!​​​

​​Year 8

​The MacKillop Fund​​​

​The MacKillop Fund is named in honour of Australia’s first saint, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, who spent a lifetime trying to make Catholic education available for the poor. The MacKillop Fund was created in 2012 by the Arch-diocese of Brisbane to continue that mission – making Catholic schools in the Arch-diocese of Brisbane accessible to students experiencing hardship due to poverty, serious health issues, or family breakdown. Your donation will give children in our local community of Brisbane a chance to fulfil their unique potential through a Mary MacKillop Bursary which will pay for tuition fees, textbooks, uniforms and local excursions.

Year 9​​​

​St Vincent De Paul (Vinnie's)​​

​The St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland helps all people in need, giving them a hand up in a number of different ways. Vinnies provide people experiencing homelessness and people at risk of homelessness with vital access to food and accommodation. They also provide education, counselling, employment and health services to help people overcome poverty in the long term. Your donation will help support Australians who are doing it tough.

​Year 10

​Emmanuel City Mission​​

Emmanuel city mission is a grassroots Catholic organization providing day-time sanctuary for the poor and vulnerable of the city of Brisbane. This centre provides a place for the homeless of Brisbane where they can access free Tea/Coffee, Cereal, Lunch​​ each day, Toilets, a Shower, and a Washing Machine facility as well as free clothing. The centre provides regular recreational activities and access to phones and computers and most importantly people who care and are willing to help. Emmanuel City Mission is funded by the generosity of individuals. They do not receive any Government or Church funding. Your donation will assist with the daily running costs of the centre enabling them to continue to offer support to the poor and vulnerable of the city of Brisbane.​

Year 11

Australian Marist Solidarity (AMS) | La Valla Village Cambodia​​​

Cambodia young people with a disability are often excluded from society, many live in extreme poverty and are refused access to education. The La Valla Village project offers 100 children and young adults with physical disabilities accommodation whilst they undertake life-changing high school and university options. Far more than a residential village for young Cambodians with disabilities, it is a place where they will be cared for in a safe environment and provided with free healthcare and meals. Whilst this village is now a reality the challenge is to keep the La Valla Village operational and fully functioning and this can only be achieved through donations. ​​Please donate today and help give young people with disabilities a chance of independence.​​

​Year 12​​

Caritas | Rohingya refugee crisis, Bangladesh​​

Bangladesh is home to one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises. Over 900,000 Rohingya refugees are crammed into makeshift camps on the narrow Cox’s Bazar Peninsula. The Rohingya are a religious minority who have lived in Myanmar for generations. An escalation of violence during August of 2017 was the catalyst for the recent mass movement of the Rohingyas named the fasted-growing refugee crises in the world. Your donation to the Asia Emergency Appeal will help to respond to the escalating immediate and on-going needs of this devastating humanitarian crisis by providing food, non-food items, shelter, clean water, mobile health clinics and sanitation facilities.​