Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

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A monumental achievement! We are thrilled to announce that not one,  but THREE of our student teams, along with their dedicated teachers, successfully conquered the gruelling Gold Coast Kokoda Trek last weekend, with 2 teams completing the 48km and 1 team the 96km.​

These inspiring students and their teachers have shown incredible strength, resilience, and determination as they conquered the challenging terrain of the Kokoda Track. They faced steep inclines, rugged paths, and unpredictable weather conditions, but they never wavered in their commitment to finish the trek.

This achievement is a testament to the power of teamwork and the unwavering support of their teachers. Together, they navigated the physical and mental challenges, encouraged one another, and pushed through every obstacle that came their way. They exemplify the true spirit of unity and camaraderie!

​We couldn't be prouder of these exceptional individuals who have pushed their limits, embraced the unknown, and achieved something truly remarkable. Their dedication, perseverance, and teamwork have set an example for us all. They have shown us that with determination and support, anything is possible!