Women’s Rugby League World Cup Stars Visit Trinity College

15 November, 2017
Last week, Trinity College was lucky enough receive a visit from the Canada Ravens Women’s Rugby League team ahead of the Rugby League World Cup being held on the Gold Coast this November.
Years 7 and 8 Trinity girls gathered to get insight into life as an elite female athlete from the panel of Ravens players. The Ravens took the girls through their lifestyle which involves a combination of intensive training and nutrition as well as goal setting.
Questions were also thrown to the Trinity girls to see what sports they are playing and what their training regime consisted of. The Trinity girls who shared their training regime came from a variety of sports including: AFL, Rugby League, Karate, Touch and Soccer. The Ravens recommended that these girls continue their training and make short attainable goals that lead to a big goal.
To conclude the presentation, the Ravens had Q&A with the Trinity girls and there were some great questions brought to the table:
What was it like growing up as a girl playing sport?
We used to be judged for being fit and bigger girls, however when they got into sport all the things they used to be judged on such as being strong, tough, broad and muscular...they became assets!
What is your favourite part about playing Rugby League?
The creativity and excitement it allows compared to Rugby Union.  
Was it tough when you first started playing?
Yes, in the way that it was a different mindset. Running straight at someone compared to Union where you run in a pack of 4. But now that I have learned how to position my body correctly, I love it. If you’ve played other sports, you can do Rugby League!
What’s the biggest challenge in sport?
The biggest struggle is learning to work together in a team and for the team. It’s not like it is in high school where you move in groups that you’ve chosen, when playing sport, you work with everyone in a team; it is all inclusive and you must work for your team no matter what.
To conclude the morning, the girls jumped at the photo op to pose with the Ravens.
With Trinity College offering a Talented Athletes Program in Rugby League into the curriculum next year, it is great to see the student’s getting excited about female athletes and will hopefully be inspired to give Rugby League at Trinity College a go from this experience.
Who knows, we might see some Trinity College students by the next Rugby League World Cup!