Year 10 Academic Conference

4 August, 2017
On Thursday, 21 eager Year 10 students travelled to Sea World resort for the annual Academic Conference. Students were selected based on their academic success in Semester 1. This two day conference addressed topics such as the benefits of having a positive mindset, goal setting, time management, the value of an OP and keys to success.
Ellen Armstrong (Class of 2008) was the guest speaker. She talked about her personal academic journey, following on from her own attendance at the 2006 Academic Conference. Ellen is a Physiotherapist who works in a research project at Lady Cilento hospital.  Her focus is physical activity for children with disabilities and she is currently studying her PhD in this area. Ellen’s presentation included a focus on five key areas – networking, goal setting, being proactive, role models and persistence.
Mr Hirst, Mr Cooper and I presented the Conference and we had Mr Raju and Mrs Arne-Umstad were special guests.
Mrs Fiona Swan
Students who attended had the following to say:
I learnt a lot of stuff that will be very helpful for my studies and I now feel less stressed entering the senior years at school.  ~ Jessica Czisz Year 10
I was very thankful to get the opportunity to go to the Academic Conference. I learnt a lot and found the two days very beneficial.  ~ Braden Dykes Year 10
It was a great experience to get more familiar with different pathways to success. Viktor Litvin Year 10
I learnt that dreams are to be achieved and noone is naturally born to be the best at something. Hard work and commitment are what drives a person to success.  ~ Callam Byrnes Year 10
This conference has been so rewarding and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for our teachers who take the time to organise it. It feels good to be recognised for hard work and I don’t want this tradition to end for the grades following. Thank you!  ~ Megan Woolley  Year 10
The important thing about dreaming is to have one. No matter how thorny the road to success is, just keep on running.  ~ Aliah Luarca  Year 10
If you want success, you must work towards it. Set a goal and stick with it. Have an open mind and you can accomplish anything. Persistence is the key.  ~ Tamika Buttigieg  Year 10
The 2017 Academic Conference really enabled me to open my mind to all of the wonderful opportunities we are given today as well as to come to the realisation that there is always more than one way to the top.  ~ Kenya Crellin  Year 10
You can either choose to be a victim in life or learn from your mistakes.  ~ Maddison Scowcroft Year 10