Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program

​​The Trinity College Aboriginal and Torres Strait Iaslander (ATSI) Program seeks to give our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students the opportunity to learn about and connect with their heritage through a wide range of activities, including cultural performances, camps, conferences and university events.  The Program also puts our students in contact with career opportunities, scholarship information and other programs designed to build and extend their skills. 

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are encouraged and supported by the Program to pursue leadership opportunities within the College, from being a part of the Student Leadership Team to contributing to the College’s Reconciliation Action Plan Committee. 

The Program also ensures that all students at the College are culturally aware and educated about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, of both the local area and the nation.  All Trinity College students participate in celebrations of important days in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander calendar, visit significant sites, and watch cultural performances and talks.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are also incorporated across all areas of the curriculum.