As a Catholic College in the Marist Tradition, Trinity College is committed to providing accessible Catholic Education for all students regardless of individual family circumstances.

From the 2021 Academic year, the college will provide a limited number of Scholarships to both students already attending Trinity College, and to students wishing to attend the College. These Scholarships are designed to identify and celebrate students who have strengths and expertise in their chosen field.

​​Applications for 2021 scholarships (Years 7 to 11) open on Monday 14 October and close Friday 5 April 2020. Academic applicants will be required to sit the ACER Scholarship Exam on Saturday 16 May 2020. Please read more about all the scholarship categories below. 

Learn more about the Acer Scholarship Exam and registration process.

Scholarship Opportunities

Trinity College offer three categories of scholarships:

  • Academic Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated a high achievement in academics. Academic Scholarship applicants are required to sit the ACER Scholarship Exam.
  • Sports Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved a high level of representation in their chosen sport.
  • Arts Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of skill and creativity through performance and portfolio work.

All scholarship recipients are expected to contribute to the school community and also possess qualities compatible with the values and ethos of the School.​