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Live Stream Games Schedule


Click HERE to view live stream of pool games listed below and final matches scheduled for Wednesday 27th, and Thursday, 28th.

​All these games will be also available for post viewing also.


​25 March
8:00 AMCourt 1Boys Pool AMarist College Kogarah v
Marist College Bendigo
8:00 AMCourt 5Girls Pool ALavalla Catholic College v
Assumption College
9:00 AMCourt 1Boys Pool DMarist Regional College v
Marist-Sion College
9:00 AMCourt 3Girls Pool BCardijn College v
St John's College Woodlawn
10:00 AMCourt 1Boys Pool BSt John's College Woodlawn v
Trinity College Beenleigh
10:00 AMCourt 4Boys Pool CTrinity Catholic College v
Cardijn College
11:00 AMCourt 3Boys Pool BMarcellin College v
St Joseph's College Hunter Hill
11:00 AMCourt 2Boys Pool BLavalla Catholic College v
Newman College
12:00 PMCourt 2Boys Pool DChanel College v
Sacred Heart College
12:00 PMCourt 4Girls Pool BMarist-Sion College v
Catholic College Sale
1:00 PMCourt 1Girls Pool ANewman College v
Marist College Bendigo
2:00 PMShow CourtBoys Pool DMarist College Ashgrove v
Catholic College Sale
​26 March
8:00 AMCourt 4Boys Pool CSt Gregory's College Campbelltown v
Assumption College
10:00 AMCourt 1Boys Pool AMarist College Kogarah v
Marist College Canberra
12:00 PMCourt 5Boys Pool AMount Carmel Catholic College v
St Teresa's Catholic College
12:00 PMShow CourtGirls Pool AMarist Regional College v
Marist College Bendigo
12:00 PMCourt 1Girls Pool BSacred Heart College v
Trinity College Beenleigh
2:00 PMCourt 3Boys Pool CGood Counsel College v​
St Augustine's College