Student Activities and Clubs

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities, all organised and supervised by a generous and dedicated and caring Staff. In order to provide opportunities for each student, the College provides a variety of co-curricular and curricular activities. These presently include the following.

  1. Academic CompetitionsBillboard La Valla (28).pngBillboard La Valla (26).png
  2. Art Club
  3. Camps and Retreats
  4. Chess Club
  5. Esports
  6. Excursions
  7. Film and TV Club
  8. Billboard La Valla (21).pngGame Changers​Billboard La Valla (25).png
  9. Gym
  10. Homework Club
  11. Instrumental Music
  12.  Programe
  13. Powerlifting
  14.  Competitions
  15. Robotics and STEM ClubBillboard Boundary Rd (11).pngBillboard Boundary Rd (10).png
  16. Rock Bands
  17. ​​Rosies Friends on the Street Volunteering (St Vincent de Paul Society)
  18. School Socials and Formals
  19. Ski Trip
  20. Song Writing and Recording
  21. String Ensemble
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