Assessment Policy


Screenshot 2023-07-17 145838.jpg​​​Trinity College is committed to an educational philosophy that encourages all students to achieve personal excellence by developing their talents and abilities. This policy aims to promote effective communication about Assessment and Reporting at Trinity College in an inclusive and unbiased manner. 

As a College, we prioritise understanding and enhancing our assessment and reporting practices about Achievement Standards, Competence Indicators, and Performance Standards, and how this information is shared with parents and guardians. This policy aims to ensure consistency in approach and assessment and reporting standards across the College, encompassing all students from Reception through to Year 12. Whether implementing the Australian Curriculum, the QCEC Framework for Religious Education, or programs within the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), Trinity College's assessment is inquiry-based and aligned with relevant performance standards. These principles should be reflected in teaching programs, assessment practices, and the reports and feedback provided to parents/guardians. 

Assessment processes should be transparent, valid, and consistent, providing students and families with informative feedback about their child's progress. This will be achieved through effective communication with staff, parents/guardians, and students. Students need to know what they need to achieve, by when, and how their work will be assessed. They should have a clear understanding of the criteria for assessment and the performance standards, enabling constructive dialogue about areas for improvement and how to enhance their learning experience. 

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​​​Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments (AARA)

​Assignment Extensions/Exemptions (AARA) An extension/exemption from an assignment can only be granted in the following situations: 

1. Long-term illness (Medical certificate required for students in Years 10 to 12) 

2. Family bereavement or difficulties (Documentation required) 

3. Exceptional circumstances as determined by the Curriculum Leader /Assistant Principal 

Any request for an extension is to be made to the Curriculum Leader at least two days prior to the due date using the appropriate AARA form below. The granting of extensions is at the discretion of the Curriculum Leader /Assistant Principal. 

AARA Application Form

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