Learning and Teaching

The learning community at Trinity College ‘seeks to inspire high expectation for learning that maximises engagement, progress and achievement for each student.’

The Brisbane Catholic Education model of pedagogy brings together the principles and practices of learning and teaching that lead to success for all learners.  These principles and practices arise out of the beliefs and values of the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning and Teaching Framework and an evidence-base upon which teachers can construct their practice to ensure that all students are progressing in their learning and development.

Trinity College is committed to cultivating a culture of learning. We set high standards and expectations for all students – teachers and staff believe that all students can learn and excel.
Curriculum, instruction and assessment are aligned with standards and essential academic learning requirements. Staff frequently monitor learning and teaching to apply differentiation strategies for gifted and talented students and for those who require further development.

Trinity College offers a supportive learning environment. Students feel respected and connected with staff, allowing them to engage in learning. We encourage family and community involvement and recognise its value in supporting the progress of each learner.