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The middle years AMPLIFY program builds on the excellent learning and teaching expectations for students in Years 8-9. Teachers use precise pedagogy to activate students learning throughout the learning process. The Amplify program aims to engage highly academic students in Years 8 and 9 through both curriculum and extra-curricular programs.
​Students who display outstanding results across all their subjects are selected to participate in the Amplify program. The curriculum is designed with careful consideration for level, pace and a degree of abstraction and complexity appropriate to the needs of high achieving learners who thrive on being extended.


​​​​​The Trinity​​ College INSPIRE program enables students to reach their full potential, raising aspirations and expectations. With a focus on individualised strength-based mentoring and development. The strengths-based approach is collaborative, holistic, individual/person centered, and focuses on identifying individual and community strengths and supports the individual in connecting with them. Students who choose to accept an invitation to the program will be challenged to ‘be more’, provided with a wealth of opportunities and exciting possibilities and assisted to achieve their goals.​

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