Pastoral Care

Trinity College is a community where gospel values are promoted and developed through Marist Traditions; reflecting the mission of the Catholic Church. Our College develops within students’ self-discipline, initiative, integrity and self-esteem within an environment of excellent pastoral care.

Our care for the students is demonstrated in a number of ways:

  • Caring teachers
  • The professional competence of a College Guidance Counsellor
  • A Campus Minister
  • Teaching/Learning Support Team
  • Provision of regular social occasions to foster positive relationships like Socials, Activity Days, Sporting Carnivals and House system, the annual Beachathon, religious celebrations and barbecues.

These all contribute to the care of Trinity students.

Every Year Level within the College has a Coordinator who supervises the pastoral needs of their students.  The Year Level Coordinators are directly involved in the provision of general and specific one-on-one support.  These Coordinators frequently liaise with parents and professionals to address particular issues. They also organise Year Level retreats, activity days and barbecues.

The Deputy Principal oversees all these operations to ensure that the College’s pastoral care programme continues to run well, meeting the challenges of modern life within a supportive environment.