College Board

The College Board is part of the governance structure of the College and as such supports the Principal and staff to undertake the processes involved in the education of students at Trinity. The Board is not responsible for the internal administration of the College, but offers a pastoral sounding board to the Principal and the rest of the leadership team. The Board’s responsibilities extend to pastoral/advisory planning and decision making in areas such as policy making, provision and maintenance of school buildings and equipment, budgeting, communication and curriculum. The Board ensures that the Archdiocesan policies are implemented and that College policies are consonant with those of the Archdiocese. Elections to the College Board are open to teaching staff and the parent body of the College. 

The Board of Trinity College meets once a term in the College Board Room. 

Board Members 

​Dale Ham (Chair)
Chris Raju
Faith Severs (Secretary)
​Nancy Rodgers
​Lesley Solar
​Kellie Dykes

​Cheryl Wardrope