Learning Support

​Making the adjustment to Secondary school may be particularly challenging for students who have experienced some difficulties with their work in primary school or who, for a variety of reasons, have needed some extra support to achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

At Trinity College, the Learning Support Team strives to support both teachers and learners.  Wherever possible, support is given to students within the classroom environment, focusing on the work the whole class is doing.  Students, particularly in their teenage years, are much more willing to accept assistance with their studies when it is given in ways which do not identify them as being 'different' from other students in the class. 

The Team works in conjunction with classroom teachers across a wide range of subject areas, providing extra assistance to students in the classroom, reinforcing instructions and helping students to stay on task, re-explaining or re-wording what has been taught, simplifying or clarifying written material the students are using , helping students to complete written tasks, encouraging and supporting students' efforts.