Trinity Pathways Spotlight Program

​​​​​​​​Over the last four years the college has made a concerted curriculum effort to broaden our subject offerings in the Senior School [Years 10-12]. We now offer one of the broadest Academic and VET options in the whole region.

Connected to this we have refined our student subject planning to a fully online platform where we assist students to plan a Personalised Pathway to their intended careers.

Trinity Pathways Spotlight is a further attempt to strengthen our Academic and Elite Sport pathways with a Tailored set of subject plans that assists students to move their learning beyond the classroom with a major focus on High Academic achievement courses and Elite sporting pathways.

The Spotlight Program will focus on four main areas:

  Trinity Elite Sport ​Pathway​​                  Trinity Health Pathway​   ​   ​           Trinity Humanities Pathway               Trinity Engineering Pathway

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